Can I bid higher for certain locations?

Location-based adjustments come very handy when you want to target user from a particular region of a location, say, some states of a country or some cities of a state or some neighborhoods in a city. 

You can set location-based bid adjustments from Google Ads. You can't do this on AdNabu. 

Below are the steps to set up location-based bid adjustments: 

  1. Select a campaign from Google Ads dashboard.
  2. Click on locations tab. 
  3. Click on the pencil icon above the table to add a new location. And the pencil icon in the Bid Adj column let's you add a bid adjustment. 

Image for ref: 

Note: Bid adjustments are a percentage increase or decrease of your default maximum cost-per-click. 

Example: If your current default cost-per-click bid is $0.5 and you set a location-based bid adj at 50% for any location (say Tennessee state), Google will bid up to $0.75 (0.5 + 0.25) when users from Tennessee search on Google.  

Location-based bid adjustments reference article.