How can AdNabu help me track Enhanced Conversions?

You can manage your enhanced conversion tracking with the help of AdNabu.

Enhanced conversions will only work for conversion types where customer data is present like subscriptions, sign-ups, and purchases. One or more of the following pieces of customer data must be available:
  • Email address (preferred)
  • Name and home address (street address, city, state/region, and zip code)
  • Phone number (must be provided in addition to one of the other two pieces of information above)

You can use the Conversion tracking app by AdNabu to help you enable Enhanced Conversions. Here are the steps to enable it:

  1. After you complete the setup, you need to select the Enhanced Conversion checkbox:

2. After you enable the pixel, you will have to accept the terms and conditions from your Google Ads account, and your enhanced tracking setup is complete.

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