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How can I test whether my Conversion Tracking is active or inactive

Step by step process to check whether your conversion pixel is working properly or not and different tracking statuses to know about.

Below are a few steps to identify why your conversion tracking is not working.

The first step is to see if there is an active pixel in your Google Ads account or not.

1. Go to your conversions page from the Goals icon on the right side navigation menu.

2. After clicking on Goals, you should see a list of conversion pixels and their statuses.

3. All types of pixels will be displayed under their corresponding categories. For instance, the Purchase pixel will be found under the purchase category.

NOTE : If you don't see any conversion pixel on this page, you don't have a pixel. This could be because you haven't installed the tracking code correctly on your website.

If your website is self-hosted, you should speak to your web development team to fix this problem. Read more.

If your website is on Shopify, AdNabu offers a Google conversion pixel app that automatically generates a conversion pixel for you. The pixel created by AdNabu will have "AdNabu" included as a suffix in its name.

Different Conversion Tracking statuses:

  1. Once you have installed the conversion pixel, Google takes up to 24 hours to verify the pixel. You will see unverified in the status column. However, you should get atleast one conversion after installing pixel for Google to approve it. Till then, the status will not change.
  2. After Google verifies your pixel, the status will change to no recent conversions. This means that your pixel is active, but there haven't been any conversions in the last 7 days. If you want to test the pixel, you can make a purchase on your website, and you should see a conversion count on your campaigns table page and the status will change to recording conversions on conversions page.
  3. Once you have had a sale after installing and verifying the pixel, the pixel status will change to recording conversions.
  4. If the status says tag inactive, you might have had no conversions in the last 7 days, or it means that your pixel is not installed correctly after a change in your ads or your website. Either way, there could be something wrong, and you should fix it asap. You can troubleshoot following these instructions.

If you need more help, please contact AdNabu support.