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How can I include or exclude certain products from Automated AdNabu AI?

Automated AdNabu AI offers product selection feature that allows users to include or exclude certain products from background optimization processes.

Here's how you can set up product selection in Google Shopping Feed : 
  1. Automated AdNabu AI:

    1. Navigate to the settings menu and select Automated AdNabu AI.

  2. Manage Product Selection:
    1. Click on edit for  "Manage product selection" to modify product preferences in the background AI optimization.

  3. Apply Filters and save:
    1. Select what type of selection do you want to perform, include or exclude
    2. Filter the products by Title, Brand, and Score. Set the conditions that fit your requirements to either narrow down or expand the range of products you want to manage.

    3. The Automated AdNabu AI will now optimize your products according to the specified preferences.