How can I integrate Snapchat Marketplace with Shopify?

You can connect your Snapchat Marketplace feeds with Shopify using AdNabu's Google Shopping Feed App

AdNabu's Google Shopping Feed App can connect your Shopify store to your Snapchat feed with just a few clicks.

Follow the below steps and connect your Snapchat feed:

1. Go to Marketplaces, and select Snapchat Feed.

2. Select one or more countries and languages.

3. You can customize UTM parameters like source, medium, and campaign. 

4. Once you click on Enable and Save, a unique Data Feed URL will be generated for each selected country.

5. Copy the URL and use it as a data feed URL in your Snapchat Business Manager.

6. You can also click on the Refresh button to regenerate the Data Feed URLs.


Follow the below steps to add the above Data Feed URL to your Snapchat Business Manager:

You can create multiple product feeds based on countries and languages.

1. Go to Catalogs - click on Create New Catalog, and select the E-commerce tile.

2. Enter the catalog name, and select Use Product Feeds option.

3. Enter the Feed URL and Feed Schedule details.

4. Click on Create Catalog button.

5. The upload process will start and your catalog will be created.

The upload for all your products will start and once the upload is completed, all your products will be added to your Snapchat marketplace.


Snapchat Marketplace Feed is available for Basic, Advanced, and Plus plan users.