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How to add a metafield for Shipping Settings in AdNabu's Google Feed App?

When setting up Shipping Settings metafield in Shopify for AdNabu's Google Feed App, use the format: country:postal_code:service:price:min_handling_time:max_handling_time:min_transit_time:max_transit_time. All these fields are optional. C

If you're using AdNabu's Google Feed App and need to include Shipping Settings metafields, you can set them up in Shopify following this specific format (as required by Google):

  • The metafield type should be a single-line text (one-value).
  • Format: country:postal_code:service:price:min_handling_time:max_handling_time:min_transit_time:max_transit_time
  • Note that none of the fields mentioned above are mandatory and can be left blank if not applicable. 

Here are a few examples to illustrate:

  1. US:80302:Standard Shipping:6.49 USD:1:3:2:5 (includes all values)
  2. US::6.49 USD:1:3:2:5 (postal code and service are omitted)
  3. US:::6.49 USD (only country and price are provided)

Key points to keep in mind:

  • If there are any errors in the price or integer values, they will be disregarded.
  • The country should be set as your default country
  • The price should be in your default currency and must be in the format:
    For example: 6.8 USD
  • Country and price values will be localized based on your target country and its currency.
  • Any modifications made to the product edit page of a particular product in AdNabu's Google Feed App will take precedence over Metafields' values.