How to prevent policy violation errors in Google Merchant Center for Shopify?

All you need to know about preventing the policy violation errors in Google Merchant Center for Shopify

Google wants every website, which is linked to Google Merchant Center, to follow certain checks. A lot of times, new businesses overlook these checks, which leads to the disapproval of products.

  • First, you need to have a contact us page containing the Phone number, email id, and address. If not all at least two of the details must be present.
  • Secondly, a very well define refund and return policy must be present. Terms of Service should be well defined.

You can easily add the policies from Shopify, Click on Settings>Legal.

It has all the templates which you can use to create the policies.

After creating the policies, you have to make these accessible by the customers. To do that

In Shopify, Click on Online store>Navigation>Footer Menu> Add Menu Item.