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How can I view the list of products that have been optimized by using Automated AdNabu AI?

You can find the list of AI-optimized products by applying the 'Automated AdNabu AI' filter or navigating to the settings.

You can automatically generate AI-powered suggestions like product titles, details, highlights, age groups, and genders for your Google shopping feed products by enabling the Automated AdNabu AI setting.

However, since this is an automated setting, the duration of completion of this process depends on the number of products you have. [Click here to learn more]. You can follow the steps below to easily track the optimised and unoptimised products:-

Apply the 'Automated AdNabu AI' filter and select the Yes option.

Conversely, if you want to view the products that still need to be optimized, you can select No

How to track the list of products optimised and pending for each country and language?

You can view the list of products optimized for each country and language by going to the 'Automated AdNabu AI' setting.

When you click on 'View optimised products', the filter will be applied to show optimised products on the product list page.

Similarly, you can track progress for different countries and languages.