Shopify Conversion Pixel Installation Guide

Here is how you can install conversion pixel app to track conversions from Google Ads

Hi below are the steps for successfully installing your conversion pixel app.

  • Install the app
  • Connect your Google Ads account
  • Enable Conversion Pixel tracking by clicking on "Create Pixel".

Your conversion pixel app will be live :)

  • To set up Shopify's checkout extension support, follow these simple steps:

    1. When you create a Purchase pixel, choose the option "Support for Shopify Checkout Extensions."
    2. Click "Copy to clipboard" next to the script.
    3. Go to your Shopify settings and find "customer events." Here, add a new custom pixel.
    4. Paste the code you copied into the code area and click "connect."

    Now, your Shopify will have the checkout extension support enabled.

Optional steps

  • You can disable duplicate pixels by clicking on the disable other pixels button. This will pause all other pixels other than AdNabu's