Shopify Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing App by AdNabu FAQs

  • How will dynamic remarketing help me?
    Dynamic remarketing will help you show highly relevant ads to users. These ads will have data of the products they viewed or added to cart.
  • What does this app do?
    This app creates a dynamic remarketing tag and implements them across your website with correct parameters. It also goes through your products and collections and creates page wise audiences in Adwords. Kindly refer screenshots.
  • Is this app free?
    No. This is a paid app and costs $19.99 per month.
  • What happens if I uninstall the app?
    If you uninstall the app, the dynamic remarketing tags will stop working.
  • Do I need a merchant center account to do dynamic remarketing?
    Yes. Google merchant center is required for dynamic remarketing ads. Google uses merchant center to fetch products and images to be shown in an ad.
  • Does this app automatically setup remarketing campaigns for me?
    No. This app is only sets up the tag for you in all pages and creates the audiences in Adwords automatically. You will have to create the remarketing campaigns manually from the app itself. You will be asked to upload image for dynamic remarketing ads, and also bid and budget details.