What does AdNabu do?

AdNabu helps you easily create and manage paid search campaigns in Google AdWords. Using our adwords software smart companies around the world are saving money and their valuable time. Most of our customers have seen an improvement of 40% over their existing campaigns after moving to AdNabu.

Below are the main features of AdNabu

  • Create single keyword ad groups with match types
  • Create long tail keywords from a small list of keywords
  • Ensure no duplicate keywords are present
  • Ensure zero internal competition between keywords
  • Create multiple ads in every single ad group
  • Optimize campaigns automatically every day for conversions, conversion value or clicks
  • Make changes and add new keywords automatically
  • Suggest negative keywords
  • Find missing keywords, ad groups, ads or extensions in the account
  • Automatically send automated reports to email

You can see the adwords software features to learn more