What does "Default Reporting Job" error in AdNabu mean?

When you sign up with AdNabu, the system automatically sets up a reporting job, the "Default Reporting Job," for all the campaigns that are already existing (if any) or any new campaigns that you create on AdNabu. 

Our system also paused the "Default Reporting Job" when you pause or remove the campaigns for which the "Default Reporting Job" was created. And AdNabu send your the following email: 

Hi <first_name>, 

The job "Default Reporting Job" has been paused as no campaigns were selected or the selected campaigns have been removed.

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When you see this error, you have check your Reporting Dashboard for the "Default Reporting Job" and click on it to see what campaigns were listed or add campaigns if there aren't any. You can also change the name of the job. And when done, turn on the reporting job using the toggle turn on/off button. 

Image for reference: