What does different status mean in the Google shopping feed app by AdNabu for Shopify?

All the products submitted in the feed carry a status, which in turn helps you analyze your feed better. Let us have a better insight about the status.

The status bar is available above the product table. It displays the number of products that belong to that particular status.

  These are the status which is already defined in Google Merchant Center:

  1. Approved: This status is given to the products which are approved by google. You can start running ads using these products.
  2. Warning: The status of a product shows as a warning when some of the details are missing. Adding those details will help Google serve your Products much better. The warning is displayed in the error column of the product table. The products will still run for shopping ads.
  3. Disapproved: when your products do not obey the google policies, or in case any vital information is missing, Google disapproves of your products. Hence, the status shows disapproved. These products will not run for shopping ads.
  4. Pending: When your products are yet to be reviewed the status shows as Pending

These are the status which is very specific to AdNabu. We have added these statuses to save your time and efforts.

  1. Opted in Google: Out of all the products you have, only those products you have decided to advertise in Google Shopping will show as Opted in Google. 
  2. Opted out of Google: The products which you do not want to advertise for, you can select them, and they will not be included for Shopping Ads.