What is difference between AdWords and AdNabu bid optimization?

AdNabu and AdWords bid optimization differs in the following way.

  • AdWords takes much more conversions data before being able to optimize campaigns (~100), AdNabu takes less than 20 to get started with optimization.
  • Since the campaigns were created by AdNabu, We understand the relation between keywords and can better approximate the conversion ratios of the keywords.
  • AdNabu works even better for long tail keywords as we approximate the conversion ratios of keywords with very less data.
  • AdNabu also automates the device level bidding with overriding capabilities for advanced advertiser
  • One can have device level bid optimization targets in AdNabu
  • Can configure the dates to use for optimization while it is constant with AdWords
  • Advertisers can define a max CPC beyond which bids will not be increased in AdNabu