What is the "Blocklist" feature in AdNabu? How is it different from the opted-out stage in the Google Shopping Feed app by AdNabu?

AdNabu has introduced a new Blocklist feature to manage your feed while using the Google Shopping Feed app in Shopify.

The Blocklist feature allows you to filter the products by collections or product types and block them from getting pushed to Google Merchant Center.

Whenever any new products are added to the blocklisted collection, they will automatically get blocklisted from the feed. 

If you use the opted-out feature, you will have to manually opt-out of the new products added to the existing list. 

Here are the steps by which you can use the feature:

1. Click on Settings>Blocklist
google shopping feed

2. You can choose if you want to blocklist using collection or product type:


Blocklist feature is currently available for Advanced and Plus plan users.