Why should you create Dynamic Search Campaigns using AdNabu?

There are a couple of reasons why creating Dynamic Search Campaigns using AdNabu is better than doing it manually on AdWords. 

  1. We create Single URL Ad Groups - Single URL Ad Groups are ad groups that have only one product page. This helps us in tracking the performance of individual product pages and hence, it becomes easier and more effective to optimize. 
  2. We paused Ad Groups for out-of-stock products automatically - If your products are out-of-stock, we stop showing ads for those products automatically. This isn't the case in AdWords. By showing ads for products that aren't available in your store, you are wasting money on clicks that are irrelevant. User experience is also ruined when your product page says out of stock but they still are seeing ads.
  3. We also unpaused Ad Groups which were paused due to “out-of-stock” products when the products are back in stock. 
  4. We add new products to your campaign automatically - When ever you add new products to your merchant center, we sync them automatically to your Dynamic Search Campaigns and create Single URL Ad Groups for those products. 

Note: We sync your Merchant Center every 12 hours. So, to pause or unpause an ad groups, it takes up to 12 hours for system automatically detect. However, you can do this manually when products are out-of-stock or are back in stock.