Can I export my backup objects in AdNabu's Backup App?

Yes, you can easily export one or more backup objects using our Export as CSV feature.

You can download one or more group of your backup objects like Products, Collections, Customers and Orders at a specific point in time, and export them as CSV.

Follow the below steps and easily download your backed up objects as CSV:

1. Go to Settings of AdNabu's Backup app, and click on Export as CSV tile.

2. Choose one or more items you wish to export. We currently support export of below objects:

  • Products
  • Collections
  • Customers
  • Orders

3. Provide the name of the export file.

4. Choose the date and time for which you wish to export your selected backup objects.

5. Click on Export as CSV

6. Confirm the details of your export file and click on Export as CSV.

7. You will see your export under My Exports with status REQUESTED.

You can view all your exports for last seven days under My Exports section.

8. Once your export is ready, the status will change to READY, and you can click on Download button to download.


Export as CSV feature is available only for the Advanced and Plus plan users.