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How can I change my Facebook account in Nabu for Facebook Pixel?

Learn how to disconnect the current account and log in with a new one, along with troubleshooting tips if your Facebook account does not appear.

If you need to change the Facebook account linked to your Nabu for Facebook Pixel, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings:

    • Go to Nabu for FB pixel and select settings. 
    • Select "Account" option here to change the account. 

  2. Disconnect the Current Facebook Account:

    • Click on disconnect to unlink your current Facebook account.

  3. Log In with a New Facebook Account:

    • Once the old account is disconnected, you can log in again with a different Facebook account.
    • Click on Log in with Facebook and follow the prompts to connect your new account.

Note : If your Facebook account does not appear during the login process, open a new browser tab and log out of Facebook.