How can you improve the score for products in the Google Shopping Feed app by AdNabu for Shopify?

Improving the score indicates that your products will perform much better in Google shopping Ads. Here is how you can improve your score.

Each of your products is scored out of 100, the closer the better. Learn more about what score means here.

Here are a few ways which can help you increase your score for better ad performance.

1. Select any product from the product list page 

2. Go to 'More Actions', and select 'View Summary'

3. When you click View Summary, you will be taken to a window where you can view the key factors for improving the score. 

4. Click on edit and continue to edit the title and description of your product. Additionally, you can also fill in the compulsory details like brand, product type, and Google product category which will add to the score.

5. Lastly, you must add a proper image in your Shopify store to get the optimum score for your products.