How do I enable Advanced Matching for Facebook Pixel?

To enable advanced matching for your Facebook pixel, go to our app and click on 'Enable Advanced Matching'. After configuring, go to the pixel settings on Facebook and enable this setting there as well.

Advanced matching uses hashed customer data for more precise ad targeting and effective audience reach. It utilizes customer information to connect event occurrences on your website with your Facebook account. By doing so, Facebook can display advertisements that are most relevant to its users.

Enabling this setting can help boost your conversion rates and expand your custom audience size. Rest assured, all customer information is securely hashed and encrypted before being transmitted to Facebook.

To enable Advanced Matching for your Facebook pixel in our app, follow the below steps:

1. Select any pixel from the dropdown.

2. To enable Advanced Matching for your Facebook pixel, simply scroll down until you find the Enable Advanced Matching button. By clicking on this button, you will activate tracking for all events using advanced matching. 


When you enable any event, simply remember to select the checkbox for Advanced Matching. 


To enable Advanced Matching for your Facebook pixel in Facebook Ads Manager, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager

2. Go to Events Manager

3. Go to Data Sources and choose the specific pixel you wish to enable this setting in. Then, click on the Settings tab within that pixel to proceed.

4. Scroll down in the settings until you find the section 'Turn on automatic advanced matching.'

5. Turn on the automatic advanced matching feature, and you will also have the option to personalize the customer information you want to utilize, such as email, phone number, first name, last name, and more.