How do I use Conversions API with my Facebook Pixel?

To begin tracking conversions using the API, you must first select the Conversions API option when creating a Facebook pixel in the Facebook Ads Manager. Once you have done this, you can enable the conversions API from our app.

The Conversions API will help us track and create a more reliable connection with Facebook and maximize the efficiency of your website events. It sends web activity and customer actions from both your server and website.

The Conversions API sends data directly through an API connection, which helps improve targeting and optimisation for all events. Learn more.

To start tracking your conversions with the conversions API, simply follow these steps:

1. Select any pixel from the dropdown.

2. To enable conversions API, simply scroll down until you find the Enable Conversions API button. 

3. Provide a valid access token in the input box. Learn how to get the access token.

4. Click on Enable Conversions API to save this setting. 


When you enable the 'purchase' event, simply remember to select the checkbox for Conversions API and enter your access token.

When creating a Facebook pixel in the Facebook Ads Manager, remember to select the 'Conversions API' option and connect your website. Learn how to create pixels in meta ads manager.