How to edit a Product in Etsy Feed App by AdNabu for Shopify?

You can easily edit individual products in Etsy feed app by AdNabu

You can follow the steps below to edit your products in Etsy Feed app by AdNabu.

  1. Click on the product you want to edit in the product table.

  2. Here you can edit the required fields. You can edit your title and description, but the title will remain unchanged in Shopify. It gives you the advantage of having a keyword-optimized title for your Etsy feed. Whereas, your Shopify store can have titles optimized for conversions.

  3. You can also personalize the category, utilize AdNabu's Etsy category, modify variant details, adjust shipping and return settings, and explore additional customization options.
  4. Save the changes and these changes will be reflected in your Etsy Feed app.
  5. Use the "Push to Etsy" feature to update and sync the edited information with your Etsy shop manager.

Edit your product in Shopify:

You can also edit your products in Shopify by clicking on Actions > Edit in Shopify and it will take you to the window where you can edit the fields.