How do you enable tracking for the post-purchase page in Nabu: Facebook Pixel Tracking App?

Go to Settings > Post-purchase to enable the setting. We will provide a tracking script that you can paste into your shop's checkout settings to start tracking.

If you are using Nabu: Facebook Pixel Tracking App to track your Facebook conversion pixel, you can also track additional purchases (upsells) made through the post-purchase page. You just need to add the script we provide to your checkout settings, and we will take care of duplications and track purchases made on your post-purchase page efficiently.

Follow the below steps to enable tracking for post-purchase in Nabu: Facebook Pixel for Tracking App:

1. Go to the Settings tab > Post-purchase settings.

2. Click on Enable, and we will generate a script for your shop's post-purchase page. 

3. Click on Copy to Clipboard to copy the script.

4. Go to Shopify Admin Settings > Checkout.

5. Scroll down to find a setting for the Post-purchase page. Select the app you are using, if any, and paste the copied code in the additional scripts input box. 

6. Click on Save. 

You're done, and your pixel will start tracking conversions for post-purchase as well.

Once you have enabled the settings, you can check your pixel configurations on the home page.

In order to see the post-purchase settings in your Shopify checkout settings, make sure you have installed at least one upsell or post-purchase app.