How to get an access token of your Facebook pixel that uses Conversions API?

You can go to the events manager in the Facebook ads manager to view your pixels. Go to settings of the selected pixel, and scroll down till you reach the Generate access token button available in Conversions API section.

Why do we need the access token?

The access token will help us to send server events to the Facebook server using the Conversions API.

Why should you use Conversions API?

The Conversions API will help us track and create a more reliable connection with Facebook and maximize the efficiency of your website events. Learn more.

Follow the below steps to get the access token of the selected pixel:

1. Go to Ads Manager > Left Tab > All Tools > Events Manager 

2. In the events manager, select Data Sources to view all your created pixels. 
Click here to know more about how to create a new pixel. 

3. Select your pixel and go to Settings

4. Scroll down till you reach Conversions API > Setup Manually 

5. Click on Generate access token

6. Copy and then paste it back in our app

That's all, and we will take care of the rest and start tracking your events.