What are product_highlights and product_details in Google Shopping? How can I add it using AdNabu?

Here is how Google's new update on product details and highlights will help you.

Product Highlight [product_highlight]: This is an attractive feature added by Google to showcase the essential features of a product as bullet points; this makes it easier for the customer to understand the key features. 

For example, let us assume we are selling a dining table; the [product_highlights] would look something like this: 

product highlight

You can add 2 to 10 product highlights, and each product detail can have 150 characters.

Product details [product_details]
: Google has added this new feature to add product-specific details as specific feed attributes that help Google understand the product better. In return, it improves product rankings.

Product details [product_detail] had 3 sub-attributes: 

  1. Section name [section_name]               (upto 140 characters)
  2. Attribute name [attribute_name]          (upto 140 characters)
  3. Attribute value [attribute_value]           (upto 1000 characters)

For example, let us assume we are selling batteries for mobile phones; the product details would look like something below:

  • Section name: Battery
  • Attribute name: Capacity
  • Attribute value: 3,000 mAh

You can add multiple sections, and each section can have multiple attribute names and values, as shown in the image below:

How to add product highlights via AdNabu

We have added a new feature in AdNabu that help you add product_highlights and product_details easily in a few steps:

Step 1: Click on any product you want to add product_highlights and click on the 'Edit Attributes' button:

Step 2: Fill in the product_highlights and product_details as shown below: