How to customize product images in your product feed on AdNabu's Google Shopping Feed App?

By default, AdNabu uses the initial image from your Shopify product collection as a representative image for your Google product feed. To modify this default behavior, navigate to Settings menu > feed settings > product feed settings.

The significance of the product image cannot be overstated when it comes to determining your success on Google Shopping.

As a default behavior, AdNabu's Google Shopping Feed App automatically associates your Shopify product's initial image with the Google shopping feed. 

However, if you wish to take more control of this process and curate a specific image for all your products, you can easily do so by following below steps:

1. Navigate to the Settings page.

2. Go to Feed settings, and scroll down to find product settings.

3. In this section, simply modify the product image preference field value.

For example: if you set the preference to `2`, all your Shopify products' second image will be mapped with the Google shopping product feed.

Alternatively, if you're looking to update the product image for an individual product, you can do so by following the steps outlined for how to add additional images to improve your score in the Google shopping feed app.