How to manually set up the "Enhanced Conversions" in your Google Ads account after completing the setup in the app?

Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to start recording the "Enhanced Conversions" in your Google Ads account once you have set it up in AdNabu's conversion tracking app.

  1. Please refer to the help article on this link to complete the setup in the app first.
  2. Sign in to your Google Ads account and go to the below path:
    Tools & Settings --> Measurement --> Conversions
  3. You should find the AdNabu pixel in the list. Kindly click on that.
  4. Under the same"Details" tab, you should find the section of "Enhanced conversions" at the bottom, click Turn on enhanced conversions as per the screenshot.
    details page
  5. In "Tag type," you should have defaulted to Use Global Site Tag.
  6. Select the below option that would be available:
    • Edit code
      • Use Event snippet – The code snippet is already provided by the app.
      • Click Save.

A few days after you set up enhanced conversions, you'll see "Recording conversions (enhanced conversions detected)" in your "Status" column. This means Google is currently processing your enhanced conversion data and will notify you once it's integrated into your conversion action.